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Lone Hill Lions will R.O.A.R.
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At Lone Hill Middle School our focus is on BUILDING COMMUNITY. This year, we have split our 4th period classes into PRIDES that are mixed with 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Within these PRIDES, students and staff are encouraged to participate and engage in school-wide activities and spirit days for PRIDE Points. PRIDES will engage in a friendly competition amongst each other for an End of the Year Party surprise. PRIDES have also been given an Attendance Challenge in which they must achieve the highest PRIDE average attendance every 6 weeks. The PRIDE who has attained the highest average, will win an ALL PRIDE Pizza Party the following week.
Within our PRIDES, we have developed a school-wide expectation of R.O.A.R. These are expectations to establish appropriate and positive behavior to be the norm. At Lone Hill Middle School we take a proactive approach in working with students to teach behavioral expectations and rewarding them for following them. Our staff and students do this by focusing on Respect, Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility. These 4 areas serve as Lone Hill’s core values and are taught and reinforced daily.
Students were given a school-wide shirt to serve as a reminder to R.O.A.R everyday while they are at school. ASB will be selecting spirit days for students to wear their R.O.A.R shirts to earn PRIDE points for their PRIDE.