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Counselors' Corner Newsletter
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School closures provide unique challenges to individuals and families. Your school counselors are here to help. Below you will find a number of resources to support you during these times.

School Counselor Remote Meeting Request: This resource is available for students and parents to request a remote meeting with their School Counselor.  

See Something, Say Something Anonymous Text Line: At Lone HIll Middle School we look out for one another. Student safety is our number one priority. Did you witness student bullying? Did you see something on social media that has you worried about a fellow Lion? We have created an anonymous TEXT LINE for you to report your concerns to your School Counselor. Please text: Mrs. Yassine at (949) 607 - 8149 or Mrs. Lyons at (909) 979-3532
****Screenshots welcome

Coronavirus for Middle Schoolers: You hear adults talk about it and you know that we aren’t in school because of it, but what exactly is Coronavirus? First you should know that COVID-19 is another term for Coronavirus. Everything else a middle schooler needs to know can be found in this short video

Emotional Support Outside of School: There are a number of agencies available to support you outside of school. Some of them are available here:


Mental Health Resources

Mental Health is taking care of our mind and emotions. It is important to be mindful that caring for these are just as important as caring for your physical health. Here are some helpful tools and resources for you and your child to use. If you have any questions or would like further resources please contact Mrs. Sutton, LCSW our Mental Health Support Specialist.


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Mrs. Shara Lyons
Student Service Coordinator
909-971-8270 ext 7052 
Mrs. Samar Yassine
Student Service Coordinator
909-971-8270 ext 7053
Dr. Erin Ramirez
School Psychologist
909-971-8270  ext 7028
Mrs. Kristyn Sutton
Mental Health Counselor