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ASB Office

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The ASB office is located in the south hall between Mrs. Martinez's Class and Mrs. Acosta's Class.  This is where you need to go to purchase PE clothes, replace a lost ID card, or pay for field trips.

Mrs. Hendershott and Mrs. Saldana are available to help you with questions you may have related to ASB.
Click here to print off LHMS 2019-2020 ASB Registration Purchase Form 

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Every student is urged to support student body activities. You will have the opportunity to purchase a student body card. Your purchase of a card ensures your eligibility to receive discounts on student admissions and the yearbook, to check out equipment at lunch, and other activities. The price of an ASB card is $10. A replacement ASB/ID card is $6.

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The following policies will be in effect this year regarding school activiites:

1. LISTEN CAREFULLY TO ALL DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS regarding activities, especially for dates and times.

2. Ticket sales and activity sign-ups are held ONLY at the times and dates announced. We will not sell tickets or take sign-ups after those announced dates and times. If you have a problem regarding your purchase or sign-up, see Mrs. Saldana BEFORE the end of the sale or sign-up. If absent, call the school before the deadline and speak with Mrs. Saldana (909) 971-8270 ext 7110.

3. If your name is on an exclusion list, you must be cleared in time to buy a ticket or sign up for an activity during the regular announced times.

4. If you purchase a ticket for an activity and lose it, you must purchase another one. LOST TICKETS ARE NOT REPLACED FOR FREE. Replacement tickets must be purchased during the regular ticket sale times.

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