PTA Ways and Means

Donations for Fundraising

Incentives for Direct Donations and Membership drive - LH PTA is accepting donations such as, gift cards and/or certificates, tickets to sporting events and/or concerts, and merchandise appropriate for our students and parents.  These items will be used for drawings to raise money for PTA.  Tax donation forms are available for all donors.  PTA appreciates your support.

Food Donations for dances, 5th Grade into Middle School event,
and Winner's Circle

PTA accepts the following items year round:
Cases of water
Liter bottles of root beer, for root beer floats
Tubs/Cartons of vanilla ice cream for floats (put in teacher's lounge freezer)
Large plastic cups and straws for floats
Small bags of chips-Doritos, Cheetos
Candy- Red Vines, Hershey's candy bars, Snickers candy bars, M&M's, Sour Punch Straws (apple and cherry are favorites), Regular/Sour Skittles

Please label "PTA W & M"