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College and Career Day 2017

Lone Hill and the Potion of Return (Part 1)

Winter Assembly 2016 Pivot Animations

Godzilla, Chuck Norris, and a Snowball Fight - Pivot Animations

Why We Are Thankful - 2016

We Are Lone Hill - Welcom Back Video 2016

Back to the Hill Part 1 - 2015

Back to the HIll Part 2 - May 2016

WEB Farm (State Farm Parody)

Shia LaBeouf Parody (Anti-bullying message) 2015

Totally 80s Welcome Back - 2015

The Peace Project - 2015

The Reason for Hope 2015

Career Day - 2015

Legend of Retro Hill (Part 1) - Winter Assembly 2014 - HD

The Legend of Retro Hill Part 2 - 2014

Keep Campus Clean 2014 - Lone Hill Pride

We Are Lone Hill (2014)

Lone Hill Gets Happy 2014

ALS Bucket Challenge Videos 2014

Great and Powerful Hill Part 3 - 2014

Welcome Back: The Great and Powerful Hill Part 2 - 2013

Winter 2013 - Santamation - by Matt O.

What Does The Rock Say? (What Does The Fox Say Parody)

Welcome Back: The Great and Powerful Hill Part 1

Harlem Shake 2013

5th Grade Orientation Night Welcome Video

Career Day

Winter Assembly 2012: The Grinch

Grinch 2012 Winter Assembly from Mr Guiles on Vimeo.

Welcome Back 2012: Lone Hill Teachers Lip Synch to "Firework"

Welcome Back 2012: Keep It Clean

Welcome Back 2012: Is Dr. Suess For Middle School?

CST 2012 Rally: Battle for the Hill Part 3

Winter Assembly 2011: Battle for the Hill Part 2

Welcome Back Super Hero Video 2011

Trashy Man

PAW and ROAR video 2011


Academic Idol

CST (Yeah You Know Me)

What Is Bullying?

Your Mother Doesn't Work Here

Rocket Ship Block Animation