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Dean of Students

Hello and welcome!
My name is Matt Vaudrey (pronounced VAH-dree) and I'm the Dean of Students for the 2019-20 school year!
What's a Dean?
I'm an Assistant Principal--just like Mrs. KT--who supports the school running smoothly. I work with teachers to get them what they need, I help students with struggles and discipline, and speak with parents to keep all students safe and learning at Lone Hill.
What did you do before Lone Hill?
Before this year, I was the Instructional Coach (like a teacher-for-the-teachers) for the whole district. Already, a bunch of students have recognized me from visiting their classes at Shull, Ekstrand, Gladstone, and Allen Avenue, and I'm glad to be a familiar face for them.
Oh, cool! So you were a teacher?
Yep! Before that, I taught 7th grade through Seniors (most math classes in-between). My sweet spot was 8th grade co-teaching. I really enjoyed having an extra teacher in the room, and middle-school students are just delightful. Around that time, I also started writing a book and working with other math teachers around the country.
So you like teenagers?
I have young kids in my house (ages 7, 5, and 3), so I have a lot of practice with setting boundaries, sticking to them, and talking about feelings. As a teacher, my classes responded well to a culture based on respect, and teenagers like to have a reason for consequences, especially when they don't think it's fair.
Come by the front office and say hello!
Picture of Matt Vaudrey
~Matt Vaudrey
Dean of Students, Lone Hill
(909) 971-8270 *7254